War and Peace: America and China in the 21st Century


Publication date: 4 Janury 2017
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         China and the World: Today, Yesterday and Tomorrow


Publication date: 28 June 2018
Price: £9.99 / US$19.95 / HK$150.00
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Forget everything you thought you knew about China and start again with this book.

“Made in China”, “the China Threat”, “Beijing Olympics”, “Tibet”, “Sichuan Earthquake” and now "World Expo Shanghai"... China is increasingly in the world’s spotlight, and yet how many of us really understand China? The worrying fact is that crude stereotypes and misunderstandings about China abound, poisoning international relations; in the worst-case scenario, they may even have the potential to trigger war. And more generally, should we condemn China just because it does not look like us if, and when, a crisis situation arises?

In this passionate and compelling work, best-selling author Wei Wang uses his razor-sharp insights into both Western and Chinese civilisations to come up with an unexpected and fascinating perspective on where China comes from, where it is heading and what it will contribute to the world in the 21st century.

With penetrating clarity and accessibility, Wang shows that differences in emphasis on abstract ideas and human feelings between the West and China are the source of the current tension between the West and China. After taking us on a stunning tour from the words of Achilles’ mother and the stories of China’s earliest emperors to the landing of spacecraft on Mars, the publication of Sam Harris’ The End of Faith, and the revival of Confucius in today’s China, he draws a bold and exhilarating conclusion: our future wellbeing rests on both God’s mind and human heart.

Beautifully written, China and the World is a tour de force that will revolutionise our understanding of China and its relations with the world, and shape times for the good of humanity.


About the Author

Wei Wang is Managing Director of 2W China Consulting Ltd. Following education in China, he received a PhD in manufacturing engineering and an MBA from Loughborough University, UK. He has had over fifteen years of international business experience, and has been at the core of developing a number of multi-million dollar business ventures for a multi-billion dollar conglomerate in China. He is author of The China Executive, a world’s top-five bestseller on China business, and is a sought-after keynote speaker at conferences on China, such as the Sixth Annual China Conference at the Port of Los Angeles on 12-13 September 2007, which was attended by several hundreds of senior executives and business leaders from the global logistics industry. He currently serves on the Advisory Board of the Journal of Chinese Entrepreneurship. To explore what China has to contribute to the world in the 21st century, aside from business consulting, he has launched ventures in publishing, health care and education services, and runs

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The Art and Science of Business: Marrying Western and Chinese Strengths to Thrive in the China Era of Business


Publication date: 1 December 2019
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Product data: 153mm X 234mm, 224 pages, hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-9551636-4-7
Publisher: 2W Publishing Ltd


Time will tell that the 21st century is not going to become “the Chinese century” in which China will be dominating world affairs, as many in the West have feared. But looking at the goods we shop, the people we encounter and the news items that hit world headlines these days, we cannot help but conclude that China is beginning to play a central role in world business. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that we are entering the China era of business.

Yet from practising business people to graduating business students, evidence is abundant that they are often ill equipped to deal with this new business reality as a result of a largely scientific, overly complicated education at business schools - a long Western tradition. A few business gurus have therefore begun to reflect upon the fact that graduates in physics know how to conduct experiments and mathematical modelling, graduates in music know how to play music instruments, but graduates in business do not know how to do business.

In this landmark book, bestselling author Wei Wang shows that China is a mirror to the nature of business, which is best understood as a phenomenon that has to walk on the two legs of abstract ideas and human feelings. Indeed, abstraction has been at the root of Western thinking, which has led to both man's conquest of nature and man-made catastrophe; while humaneness has been at the root of Chinese thinking, which has led to both peace and poverty.


The promise of the book is to provide an overall synthesis that bridges the gaps between the new global business landscape and a business school education, and thus allows students (and business people) to understand business in a coherent way. Dazzling in its scope and grasp of the intricacies of the coming China era of business, this is one of those rare books that will shape both business practice and education, and is destined to be a business classic.

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